About Us

Our Mission 
Partner with the skilled artisans across México to showcase their beautiful work and help our clients find unique, high quality pieces for their homes.

Paskwarho - products in our partners' workshop

Our guidelines for selecting & commissioning pieces for our showroom are: 

We must like it ourselves 
We only stock items that we would be proud to display in our own home.

We seek out the unique & uncommon
The pieces we carry cannot be found in the souvenir markets around Mexico City. And they are rarely seen in any other upscale boutiques, either. 

We seek out the best quality pieces
We pay our regular partners fair prices to save their best pieces for us. And when scouting the annual markets for new partners, we pass by hundreds of pieces for every piece we take home. 

We work with partners who are willing & able to innovate
Once we have found a partner who is clearly talented and has a style our clients appreciate, we often talk with them about creating new styles. The Capuliñado "platillo volante" is a good example of that collaboration.

Our Story

Judy & Olga in Michoacán

After traveling frequently through Latin America for over 15 years we decided to move to México in 2014.  Now based in Mexico City and enjoying the next chapter after corporate life, we spend a lot of time exploring and experiencing all that Mexico has to offer.  

Día de los Muertos - Michoacán

During our visits to various Pueblos Mágicos and concursos artesanales throughout the country, we seek out artists producing beautiful pieces that offer a blend of great design and deep tradition.  We feel our home is richer for having their pieces in it and we hope you will cherish your items, too. 

Paskwarho -ceramic molcajetes

¿Why "Paskwarho"?
"Paskwarho" is the original name of the town in Michoacán where we were originally inspired to start this journey.

Our interest in Mexican artesanía was really ignited during our first visit to Pátzcuaro, Michoacán to witness their celebration of Día de Muertos. The town's pre-hispanic name in the indigenous Purépecha language is P'askwarho.  For us, naming our business "Paskwarho" is a nod to both the long-held roots of the people in that region of Michoacán and our initial introduction to the distinct beauty of their work. 

Arocutín, Michoacán - cemetery during Día de los Muertos

In addition to experiencing the unforgettable scenes and welcoming friendliness of the people in the towns around Lago Pátzcuaro, we also learned about the annual Concurso de Artesanía held in the town. The works on display were amazing - unlike the souvenir-grade pieces more commonly seen in the markets around Mexico City. We bought a set of ceramic molcajetes and a wool blanket for our home. Our friends had never seen anything like these pieces either, and asked us where we found them. After about fifth or sixth inquiry about them, the proverbial light bulb went off -- maybe this could be a small business?

Pátzcuaro - annual handicraft & artesanía contest

Although we now work with artists from all over Mexcio, Pátzcuaro remains our original inspiration and a place we enjoy visiting multiple times each year.