judy kim jewelry

Judy began making costume jewelry back in 2005 as a creative outlet during her days teaching elementary school in the northern suburbs of Chicago.


Before long we took the little entrepreneurial plunge and rented a kiosk within the Andersonville Galleria. (btw, if you haven't visited the Andersonville neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, we highly recommend it). The kiosk had a good 3 - 4 year run, but then we moved to Mexico City in early 2014 and the jewelry making was put on the back burner for a bit with her time being split among our two new dogs, being an active participant in the local chapter of the IWC, and of course Paskwarho. 

In recent months the siren call of jewelry making lured her back into the workshop. Then came Covid 19 and two months of sheltering in place. Suddenly we have dozens of pairs of earrings and the old galleria vibe is up and running again. 

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And of course you can browse through all her pieces here. If you live in cdmx we would be happy to arrange either delivery or pick up at our Coyoacán showroom. We also offer shipping to the US and Canada.