Charola / Arco Iris sin Flores

Charola / Arco Iris sin Flores

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We wanted to see what one of these platters would look like without the flower details. Well, it looks vivid, sharp, and groovy - that's how it looks. Fun!

This platter (known as a "charola" en Mexico) is hand-painted and twice-fired in small batches through our partners' kilns.

PLEASE NOTE: The color sequence of the rows of flowers may vary from platter to platter. We will be happy to send you pictures of the pieces we have in stock BEFORE you purchase if you would like to confirm it is to your taste & liking. 
Display stand not included.


16" diameter; weight 3.5 lbs

ORIGIN: Michoacán

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Due to their size & weight we cannot ship these platters to the US

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